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Help/Submit feedback target not working


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(Reporter: mozsupport2019, Assigned: mhoye)



User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux x86_64; rv:84.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/84.0

Steps to reproduce:

choose the menu item "Help / Submit Feedback..."

(note: I added temporary allow in NoScript for the domains and which are the only two shows in the NoScript report.)

Actual results:

an acknowledgement page appears, the URL I was redirected to is
The content is
"[Firefox logo]
Vielen Dank für Ihre Antwort! Wir bemühen uns, Ihnen die bestmögliche Nutzererfahrung zu bieten, und Ihre Meinung ist uns wichtig. Ihr Input hilft uns, bessere Produkte und ein besseres Web zu gestalten.

Wenn Sie Hilfe zu Firefox wünschen oder sich für Tipps und Tricks interessieren, besuchen Sie bitte Dort finden Sie hilfreiche Artikel, Foren und eine engagierte Community, die Ihre Fragen gerne beantwortet.

Wenn Sie weiteres Feedback haben, würden wir es sehr gerne hören! Besuchen Sie unsere Feedback-Seite, wo wir alle Ihre Kommentare regelmäßig verfolgen.

Sie können sich auch für den Mozilla-Newsletter anmelden. So bleiben Sie stets auf dem Laufenden über Mozillas erklärtes Ziel, ein freies, offenes und privates Internet zu erhalten."

The "Feedback-Seite" Link in the third paragraph links to which again redirects to the acknokledgement page, with no opportunity to enter anything.

Expected results:

probably a "did Firefox make you happy or sad" choice, followed by an entry form appears

I am setting this component because the bug that has been set duplicate of this one had it.

Furthermore, the issue does not reproduce at this time; activating the menu bar, clicking on "Help" / "Submit Feedback..." redirects to, but the page content is different:

Please check back soon

We've paused submissions to this form so that we can improve how we collect feedback.

Looking for support for Firefox or another product from Mozilla?
Just head to

Considering the fact that the service is basically not working, I am confirming it and leaving it open.

Component: Untriaged → DOM: Core & HTML
Ever confirmed: true
OS: Unspecified → All
Product: Firefox → Core
Hardware: Unspecified → Desktop

I don't think it is a DOM issue, it seems we close the feedback page for some reason?
Switch back to Firefox component, given that I guess the feedback page is hosted by the firefox team?

Component: DOM: Core & HTML → General
Product: Core → Firefox

Hey Mike, I know you're in the middle of changing the stuff. Could you move this to whatever component you're doing that work in?

Flags: needinfo?(mhoye)

That works for me.

Assignee: nobody → mhoye
Component: General → Systems and Data
Flags: needinfo?(mhoye)
Product: Firefox → Community Building
Version: Firefox 84 → unspecified

Can some users not see "status-firefox86": affected, "status-firefox85: affected" and so on at the top in the "Tracking" section? Why not?

Seeing that this is still the case, it would be good that you also adjust the non-english versions e.g. German to tell that this feature is deliberately absent at this time, instead of throwing the user in a redirect loop. Thanks.

seeing that now it links to ideas which redirects to connect, my report is obsolete. Obviously Mozilla no longer cares for user sentiment or anonymous feedback and prefers to guess what users want, or simply decide what's best for users whether they like it or not, based on automated measurements (preselecting users who like data-grabbing organisations).

Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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