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IntegrityError: new row for relation "base_locale" violates check constraint


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When syncing locales from a GH repo I got an IntegrityError. All translations disappeared from the Resources tab.

Hi elforastero, by default Pontoon uses en-US as the source locale, which looking at the logs you've also selected as the locale to translate into.

Could you please try to set up and sync a new project, without en-US?

If that's indeed the problem here, we should at least fail more gracefully and eventually make it possible to translate to en-US.

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See Also: → 1598324

What do you mean by setting up a new project without en-US?

I already had a synched project with "English" and "Russian" locales. I changed some translations and pushed them to GH.

And then it just stopped working when I pressed "Sync" in project settings.

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Duplicate of this bug: 1697650
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Setting needinfo for mathjazz on comment 2, because it sounds like elforastero was looking for some clarification on setting up a new project without en-US.

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Thanks for the ping, mconley!

And sorry for the late response, elforastero! Your question fell through the cracks unintentionally. :/

Yes, it's possible that you set up a project with the English locale. But it will fail in some places, e.g. when you add new strings.

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