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Crash in [@ <unknown in igd10iumd64.dll> | CContext::TID3D11DeviceContext_OMSetRenderTargets_<T>]


(Core :: Graphics: WebRender, defect)

Windows 10




(Reporter: sefeng, Unassigned)


(Blocks 1 open bug)


(Keywords: crash)

Crash Data

Crash report:


Top 10 frames of crashing thread:

0 igd10iumd64.dll <unknown in igd10iumd64.dll> 
1 igd10iumd64.dll <unknown in igd10iumd64.dll> 
2 igd10iumd64.dll <unknown in igd10iumd64.dll> 
3 d3d11.dll static void CContext::TID3D11DeviceContext_OMSetRenderTargets_<1> 
4 libglesv2.dll rx::StateManager11::updateState gfx/angle/checkout/src/libANGLE/renderer/d3d/d3d11/StateManager11.cpp:2274
5 libglesv2.dll rx::Context11::drawElementsInstanced gfx/angle/checkout/src/libANGLE/renderer/d3d/d3d11/Context11.cpp:362
6 libglesv2.dll gl::Context::drawElementsInstanced gfx/angle/checkout/src/libANGLE/Context.cpp:2313
7 libglesv2.dll gl::DrawElementsInstanced gfx/angle/checkout/src/libGLESv2/entry_points_gles_3_0_autogen.cpp:718
8 xul.dll gleam::gl::{{impl}}::draw_elements_instanced third_party/rust/gleam/src/
9 xul.dll webrender::renderer::Renderer::draw_instanced_batch<webrender::gpu_types::ClearInstance> gfx/wr/webrender/src/renderer/

Low volume crashes.

I expect this is just showing up know because of the signature changes that happened recently.

I also filed bug 1694978, not sure if they are related, same library though.

Severity: -- → S3

Definitely a signature change, here's another signature with similar stacks and reason.

Crash Signature: [@ <unknown in igd10iumd64.dll> | CContext::TID3D11DeviceContext_OMSetRenderTargets_<T>] [@ <unknown in igd10iumd32.dll> | CContext::TID3D11DeviceContext_OMSetRenderTargets_<T> ] → [@ <unknown in igd10iumd32.dll> | CContext::TID3D11DeviceContext_OMSetRenderTargets_<T>] [@ <unknown in igd10iumd64.dll> | CContext::TID3D11DeviceContext_OMSetRenderTargets_<T>] [@ igd10iumd64.dll | <unknown in igd10iumd64.dll> | CContext::TID3D11Device…

this signature and bug 1694978 are greatly reduced in 1-2 months, i.e, toward zero

Flags: needinfo?(sefeng)

This type of crash leveling off might indicate that users are being auto-upgraded away from the affected driver... which is a good sign.

Not sure why I got a needinfo.... I don't think I should be making any calls here :)

Flags: needinfo?(sefeng)
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