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taskgraph changes to support comm-central as single repo


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Quick background:
Bug 1666242 is a project to convert the 2-repo setup for building Thunderbird to a single repository setup. The new repo could be considered a fork of mozilla-central.

This bug is to track changes to mozilla-central taskgraph code. For the most part it's expected that these changes will simplify the existing code.

For example, comm_head_repository and related parameters will no longer be needed and can be removed. The same goes for the comm-checkout run-task parameter.

The sparse-profile attribute does not allow for profiles to be located in
directories other than build/sparse-profiles/. Adding an optional prefix
attribute will allow for a future one-repository setup for Thunderbird development
to define sparse profiles to meet the projects needs.
The known use cases are for decision tasks and toolchain build tasks.

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Add sparse-profile-prefix to run-task schema. r=taskgraph-reviewers,aki
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Allow "sparse-profile-prefix" on toolchain tasks. r=taskgraph-reviewers,jmaher

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Assuming more work is still needed here.

I just wanted to call out Releng's vague plans w.r.t to taskgraph. We're starting to make the version of taskgraph in mozilla-central depend on the standalone one:

(Which is currently on pypi and vendored into m-c)

We're slowly moving the bits of gecko_taskgraph that make sense into the standalone version. The bits that don't make sense will remain in mozilla-central. I don't think comm-central needs to take this approach now, but it might be something worth working towards longer term (depend only on the standalone taskgraph and leave Gecko taskgraph out of it). But if there are still lots of things comm-central has in common with gecko_taskgraph, it can remain as a consumer.

Either way starting to have a dedicated comm_taskgraph module sounds like the way to go.

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Please keep this open, I will be picking this up again in the coming weeks.

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