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If an element in a flexbox is pre-paginated with `page-break-inside: avoid;`, it may be printed overlapping with subsequent elements


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Firefox 86




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Attached file print-flexbox.html

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Steps to reproduce:

  1. View the attached print-flexbox.html
  2. Press [Ctrl+P] to print (Print Preview or Create PDF)

Actual results:

If an element in a flexbox is pre-paginated with page-break-inside: avoid;, it will extend out of the flexbox area. Elements that extend beyond the flexbox area will be overlapped by subsequent elements.
I think that the flexbox area is not aware of the expansion of the area due to page breaks within flexbox.

Expected results:

Even if an element in a flexbox is pre-paginated with page-break-inside: avoid;, it will not extend beyond the flexbox area. Also, it will not overlap with subsequent elements.

Attached file print-flexbox.pdf

PDF file created with the print function of Firefox86.0

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I can confirm this - it just happened to me, and it produces some truly weird-looking behaviour:
(I'm using Firefox 107.0.1)

Relatedly, Firefox doesn't support "break-after:page" when printing, if any ancestor is "flex".
I think it should support this - as indeed Chrome does.
(However, if the spec says no, then it would really help the user if Fx could at least emit a notice).

See Also: → 1807406
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