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Enable "ccov" code coverage tests for Fission+WebRender on Linux


(Testing :: Code Coverage, task, P2)



(Fission Milestone:M7a)

Fission Milestone M7a


(Reporter: cpeterson, Assigned: ahal)


(Blocks 1 open bug)


We want to make sure our tests aren't missing any critical Fission code paths. We would like to run ccov for the following basic test suites with Fission (plus WebRender for tests that we're already running on Linux with WebRender):

  • mochitest-browser-chrome (Fission without WebRender)
  • mochitest-devtools-chrome (Fission without WebRender)
  • mochitest-plain with xorigin mode (Fission with WebRender)
  • mochitest-plain without xorigin mode (Fission with WebRender)
  • web-platform-tests (Fission with WebRender)

I'm waiting to hear from the DevTools team if they would like us to run ccov for mochitest-devtools-chrome or any other DevTools tests that might have different code paths with Fission. Edit: The DevTools team confirmed that they would like us to measure the code coverage of * mochitest-devtools-chrome.

We only need to test on Linux.

Severity: N/A → --
Component: DOM: Content Processes → Code Coverage
Priority: P3 → --
Product: Core → Testing

Assigning remaining "Enable Fission tests on more platforms" bugs to ahal.

Assignee: nobody → ahal
Severity: -- → N/A
Priority: -- → P2
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