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Copy short commit hash on double click


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The Copy Revision button from Graphs view' s tooltip copies the full commit hash.
But as perf sheriff, I tend to need the shorter hash to more easily look it up in Treeherder' s Job view (which uses short commits).

A quick solution would be to postprocess mouse clicks. If the user double clicks, he'd copy only the shorter hash.

Sarah, do you have any plans for presenting the full commit hash in Job' s view? Maybe consider using 2 rows for each commit: one for the full hash, another one for the committer' s name & commit' s message, right under.
If so, this bug could be closed as invalid in favor of this alternate solution.

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(In reply to Ionuț Goldan [:igoldan] from comment #0)

A quick solution would be to postprocess mouse clicks. If the user double clicks, he'd copy only the shorter hash.

I think the problem with little shortcuts like this is that the only people who know about this sort of thing are those who implement it (or those who figure it out by mistake).

I don't have any plans to change any information in the Jobs view, but I'd be open to you doing that since people need the full hash for use with hg. We should make sure to get feedback from Aryx/code sheriffs on this sort of change though, in case there is some reason they'd want it to be short.

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Aryx, what do you & the code sheriffs think of presenting the full commit hash in Treeherder' s Job view?

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If the use case is searching a revision with Ctrl+F: The shown short commit hash could be replace with the longer version but cut off visually to its current length with width/max-width and overflow: hidden;. This way the search will find the long hash (but no guarantee it won't break in the future).

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I'm not really sure I like this solution, given the fact it's not entirely future proof.

What about the Filter platforms & jobs filter? If we could enable filtering by full commits hashes, it would really suite our use case.

I'm thinking of automatically scrolling down to the commit, if it exists (& highlight it). Otherwise, give a visual hint the commit isn't listed in our list.

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