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Preparation for selectAudioOutput() boilerplate


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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1698238 +++
Things for bug 1698238 that land in Firefox 88.

MozPromise can be rejected from any thread.

"Do after the above runs, as it checks active window list" was obsolete as of

Denied() is called only from Observe(), which is main thread only.

The comment "Should happen after error runs for consistency, but may not
matter" was obsolete as of

There is a change in behavior that the SourceListener::Stop() is now run off a
queued event, but timing is not urgent.

MozPromiseHolder stores only a single pointer and so there is no advantage to
having an allocation and additional pointer indirection.

Pushed by
set media.setsinkid.enabled for all audio-output wpts r=jib
add webidl for selectAudioOutput behind media.setsinkid.enabled r=emilio
Remove unused GetUserMediaTask::SetConstraints() r=pehrsons
reject MozPromise immediately in GetUserMediaTask::Fail() r=pehrsons
Remove unreached off-main-thread GetUserMediaTask::Denied() path r=pehrsons
use Fail() for GetUserMediaTask::Denied() r=pehrsons
Simplify some MozPromiseHolder constructions r=pehrsons
Add helper methods to manage incomplete GetUserMediaTasks r=pehrsons
Blocks: 1709474
No longer blocks: 1709474
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