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[meta] Support encryption in matrix


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(Keywords: meta)

Our Matrix implementation currently doesn't support encryption at all. We should be able to use the encryption support build into matrix-js-sdk. Marking this as a meta bug, because adding full encryption support is likely multiple stages, like basic support and supporting the verification flows etc.

A few random thoughts:

  • We likely want the UI to look similar to how the current OTR encryption looks.
  • We likely need a way for the protocol to tell the OTR code "please stay out of my way, I'm handling encryption" (or maybe the conversation, not the protocol?)
  • We probably also want to have UI to verify your own device, as well as other users. (I think OTR does a little bit of this already.)

I'm hoping that the matrix-js-sdk includes all the other bits though and it is mostly about integrating.

Blocks: 1712710
Depends on: 1712944
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Summary: [meta] Support encryption → [meta] Support encryption in matrix
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Keywords: meta
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