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Quirks-mode rendering causes some images to not show up at (with percentages inside of scrollable flex items)


(Core :: Layout: Flexbox, defect)




Webcompat Priority P3


(Reporter: dholbert, Unassigned)




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Attached file testcase 1

Filing this for

(This is similar to bug 1687557, but may be subtly different; in particular: in this bug, the flex item needs to be scrollable in order to trigger the issue).


  1. Load testcase.

EXPECTED RESULTS: blue square.
ACTUAL RESULTS: blank page.

Chrome gives EXPECTED RESULTS; Firefox gives ACTUAL RESULTS.

Note that if I add a doctype to make the testcase render in standards-mode, then chrome changes to match Firefox & render a blank page. So Chrome's behavior here seems to be part of the percentage-height quirks-mode quirk. Not yet sure whether it makes sense & is a bug on our side or their side yet.

Attached file testcase 2
Severity: -- → S3
Webcompat Priority: --- → ?
Webcompat Priority: ? → P2
Webcompat Priority: P2 → P3
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