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searchfox's search bar is wrapped onto multiple lines (like a mobile design), should be on one line


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Searchfox's search bar is wrapped onto multiple lines (like a mobile design). It should be on one line.

Thank you very much for filing this bug! There was a deployment hiccup which I believe I have resolved, and I've noted this deployment glitch in to inform changes to our deployment procedure to avoid this happening in the future.

FYI: We also have a "Searchfox outage" channel on matrix which can also be used for discussing issues, but it's always fine/good to file a bug. (It's just potentially more work for you! ;)

If you refresh, the problem should go away. Note that in ~2 hours there should be a new indexer run that is a proper deployment and based on local VM testing should be fine, but I'll keep an eye on that, but please feel free to re-open if refreshing doesn't fix the issue or you see the issue recur.

Closed: 1 month ago
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Note that some of the repositories other than mozilla-central, such as all of the ESRs, are currently experiencing the regression because we use a single /static/ set of resources across all of our configurations (which are run as separate jobs on separate VMs that are unified via an EC2 ELB). I re-triggered their runs but they'll be broken like this for a few more hours until their runs complete. Bug 1703115 tracks correcting the underlying design issue that leads to this brittleness.

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