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Evaluate to set _transient true on the extension pageActions to remove the special handling from Bug 1703889


(Firefox :: Toolbars and Customization, task, P3)





(Reporter: rpl, Unassigned)


(Depends on 1 open bug)


When Proton is enabled, the extension pageAction are:

  • pageAction enabled ("shown" in extension terminology):
    • pinned in the urlbar by default
    • available in the urlbar overflow menu if available (on narrow window widths, when there is no enough space in the urlbar itself)
  • pageAction disabled ("hidden" in extension terminology):
    • not available in the urlbar
    • not available in the urlbar overflow menu if available

These are kind of the same behaviors expected by transient pageActions, quoting from the inline comment:

Transient actions have a couple of special properties:
(1) They stick to the bottom of the panel
(2) they're hidden in the panel when they're disabled
Other than that they behave like other actions.

(If I'm not mistaken the "Add search engine" page action is one of those).

In Bug 1703889 I'm proposing to special case the pageAction as a first less risky step ([1])
but it seems reasonable to re-evaluate in one of the next nightly cycles and possibly remove the special handling added in Bug 1703889 and replace it with _transient: true (and any additional change that may be required to avoiding mixing the position of the extensions pageActions and the builtin transient pageActions like "Add search engine")

[1]: e.g. because in non-Proton the pageAction are not really transient because they are available even when disabled and there may be other side effects to double-check and likely handle with more changes, e.g. in terms of positioning pre-Proton the extension pageAction are always visible before the transient pageActions)

Severity: -- → N/A
Depends on: proton-cleanups
Priority: -- → P3
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