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The pink strip for a Shopping container-tab blends into the Alpenglow pink toolbar-color, particularly with Proton enabled


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  1. Ensure you have the proton pref enabled (it's enabled by default in Nightly as of earlier this week)
  2. Turn on the Alpenglow theme (which ships by default with Firefox)
  3. Open a new "shopping" container-tab (e.g. by long-pressing the "+" icon)
  4. Look at the tabstrip and try to distinguish between that tab and the other ones.

There's a pink strip just above the tab, but it's really hard to see, since (with proton) it's layered on top of the toolbar background, and it happens to be the same color that Alpenglow uses for the tabstrip background.

Should be able to distinguish between container tabs and other tabs by looking at the tabstrip.

Here's a screenshot with Proton disabled, for comparison.

For the foreground tab at least, it's easier to see this pink-line indicator on the tab, since it's drawn over the tab's gray background (and it stands out against that).

(Note that this was already sort of a problem pre-proton, for background tabs -- the pink label was and still is pretty hard to see there. But for the foreground tab at least, it used to be a fairly noticeable indicator, and you can't really see it anymore [with Alpenglow], as shown in the screenshots.)

Attachment #9214805 - Attachment description: screenshot with Proton disabled, for comparison → screenshot with Proton disabled, for comparison (pink indicator-bar is easier to see due to being overlayed on gray part of tab)
Attachment #9214804 - Attachment description: screenshot (with arrow pointing to the barely-noticeable pink stirp → screenshot (with arrow pointing to the barely-noticeable pink bar)

I should clarify: the attached screenshots are taken in Linux Nightly. I can also reproduce in macOS Nightly, if my macOS system theme is "light". I haven't tested in Windows, but I assume this is reproducible there, too.

(If I have a macOS "dark" system theme, then alpenglow uses a darker color for the tabstrip background, which is more purple than pink; and the contrast there is sufficient for me to see the container-tab's pink bar over the tabstrip background.)

Whiteboard: [proton-tabs-bar]
Priority: -- → P5
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