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Seamonkey broke tabbing on Linux. We can fix it.


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Bug 140612 implemented "break tabbing in linux". We can and should set the pref
to "not broken".
This shouldn't be fixed in Phoenix only.  The default pref should be as it was
in mozilla1.0.  I'm morphing Product and Component.

Component: General → Keyboard Navigation
Product: Phoenix → Browser
Version: unspecified → other
Summary: Seamonkey broke tabbing in Linux Phoenix. We can fix it. → Seamonkey broke tabbing on Linux. We can fix it.
Yeah, this totally breaks using the UI, period.  I can't change text boxes, I
can't read mail easily - wow.  Please, it hurts!  Put it back!
Looking for testing, r= and sr= tonight.

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proposed fix, Unix only

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Which way do mac users want their pref?  (Or do they use tabbing at all?)
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proposed fix, Unix only

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I'll let Mac users fend for themselves in another bug.

blizzard tested, I checked in.

Closed: 19 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
setting qa contact to myself and cc'ing the keybd nav component owner, aaronl.
QA Contact: asa → sairuh
Do you really think most unix users want links too?  Not, say, 3 (all form
elements but not links, so that it's possible to tab usefully to form elements
without having to go through 40 links first)?  Is it worth asking on
mozilla-unix, or is it a done deal and we're not really interested in discussion?
I think we want what we shipped in 1.0.

Speaking for myself, I know I want links.  But before anything changes from 1.0
there needs to be a lot more discussion and obvious cries for change than there
were when bug 140612's patch went in.  It seems to me you're not going to find a
clear majority in favor of any setting (I could be wrong), so the pref is a good
thing to have, but the default should stay the way it has been for quite some
time.  That's why this bug got fixed fast.

vrfy'd fixed. like win32, in linux tabbing hits all focusable elements.
Component: Keyboard: Navigation → User events and focus handling
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