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Add "Send Tab to Device" toolbar item


(Firefox :: Toolbars and Customization, enhancement, P5)

Firefox 90



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After the "Send Tab to Device" page icon got removed in bug 1697191, there is no corresponding toolbar icon which could be used alternatively.

Type: task → defect

I think you can right click on the tab and there is an option there?

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I think you can right click on the tab and there is an option there?

You are right, there are other means to send tabs from desktop. One being right-click in the page, the other on the tab.
I just prefer the icon as it means one less click (I am using the option a lot) and was hoping to keep it as toolbar icon.

Flags: needinfo?(albert)
Blocks: proton-toolbar
No longer blocks: 1701548
Blocks: 1701548
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This, "Send tab to Device", would also be smart to add to the File menu, similar to bug 1512851.

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Type: defect → enhancement
Type: enhancement → defect
Type: defect → enhancement
Type: enhancement → defect
Priority: -- → P5

My setup is a laptop without a mouse. Tap is left click, two-finger tap is right click, after some delay. It's way easier to do two taps in close proximity, rather than finding a clickable surface inside the page, rightclicking and then moving the cursor some distance. It requires some skill and concentration, which shouldn't be the case.

As per comment #3 and also to add another option for comment #4 I filed bug 1709609.

Type: defect → enhancement
See Also: → 1709609
Type: enhancement → defect

The bot is setting the bug type as "defect" because there is the "regression" keyword and a bug in the Regressed By field. The rule is that regressions are defects.
This doesn't seem like a regression though, so perhaps you should remove the "regression" keyword and the bug from "Regressed By" and then set the type as "enhancement"?

I figured after the bot changed my setting the second time. Done the changes. I would still argue that it is a regression from bug 1697191, having an icon before and no icon after. Hope this ticket will make it out of P5 sooner rather than later :)

Type: defect → enhancement
Keywords: regression
No longer regressed by: 1697191

best way to create a shortcut key for either "send to [specific] device" or "send to all devices?"

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