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[Proton] Inconsistent bookmarks panel field and button colors on Linux


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Firefox 90




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Steps to reproduce:

Visited any webpage and clicked the bookmark icon in the urlbar, opening a pop-up menu.

Actual results:

Some elements in the popup follow the current Firefox theme while others follow the Operating system's theme. This is most visible when using a dark Operating System theme and a light Firefox theme (or vice-versa). The Cancel button also seems to follow the Firefox theme, but the text color on this button follows the Operating System theme on hover, making the text nearly invisible when hovering on the button with certain theme combinations.

Expected results:

All elements in the bookmark page popup should consistently follow the current Firefox theme.

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Thanks for reporting this. I tested all the combinations of Ubuntu and Firefox themes with the latest m-c, and the following colors/combinations are wrong:

  • Standard Ubuntu theme + dark Firefox: "Remove bookmark" button hover
  • Dark Ubuntu theme + light Firefox: Field background color, "Remove bookmark" button hover
  • Light Ubuntu theme + dark Firefox: "Remove bookmark" button hover
Component: Address Bar → Bookmarks & History
Ever confirmed: true
OS: Unspecified → Linux
Hardware: Unspecified → Desktop
See Also: → 1703008, 1701096
Summary: Some bookmark page elements follow Firefox theme while others don't. → [Proton] Inconsistent bookmarks panel field and button colors on Linux
Whiteboard: [proton-door-hangers]

I'm not sure if this should be made into another bug report, but regarding the issue with the "Remove bookmark"/"Cancel" buttons, I have also noted a few other elements in the browser that have the same issue. So far, I have found the same issue with the up/down arrows in the find bar and the "Clear Cookies and Site Data" & "More Information" buttons in the site information popup.

In most similar buttons in the browser, text and sometimes icons are given the color 'currentColor'. I have noticed that in all of the mentioned occurrences with buttons using the wrong text colors when hovered, the buttons have some extra CSS that causes the color or fill to be set to '-moz-buttonhovertext' on hover. Most other buttons in Firefox that don't have this issue simply don't have that extra CSS code (or override it somewhere). Adding a switch in each corresponding CSS code section that causes the code to fire only when proton is enabled should fix this issue. At the moment, adding this switch to button.css (line 33) and toolbarbutton.css (line 37) seems to fix all known occasions of incorrect hovered text colors without any negative impacts.

The other issue regarding the background colors will probably be more involved, though.

This may be in some way related to 1708428 I also noticed some oddities with dark theme and the bookmarks panel on macOS during my PM review. I'm going to mark this as a P2a, although I don't think it'll be fixed in time for 89. I'd like to see this fixed in 90 though.

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I keep not getting to this, so going to drop this.

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