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There is a margin in the close, maximize/restore and minimize buttons. Putting the cursor to the top right edge of the screen makes hard to select the close button when the window is maximized


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Firefox 89





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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Maximize the window;
  2. Put the cursor at the top edge of the screen.

Actual results:

There's an unnecessary margin that is not preset in other GTK apps. This margin makes selecting the close button (by using the screen top right edge) difficult when the window is maximized.

Expected results:

Other apps like Gnome Disks and Gnome Clocks doesn't have this extra margin. Firefox should follow that too.

Version: Firefox 88 → Firefox 89

I forgot to mention: this happens in other themes. In the above image, I was using Qogir. But this happens with Arc, Breeze, Adwaita etc.

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I guess this is not GTK bug. In modern window systems users (theme makers) gain control over window title rendering. And one of them make window control buttons without margin, other with margin. For example: there are several "MacOS" themes for KDE Plasma. Some of them came with this annoying margin, other without it.

Blocks: gtktitlebar
Priority: -- → P3
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