Add a Bookmarks Toolbar or set bookmark root as `Personal Toolbar Folder'.



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Carry over from bug 48820.

The ability to have a "Bookmarks Toolbar" that shows as many bookmarks as will
fit.  This can be done in one of a couple of different fashions:

1. We need not abolish the Personal Toolbar but could, instead, simply have the
opion of using bookmark root if so desired.

2. Simply add a Bookmarks Toolbar to those already available.

Whichever approach is taken, the point of the bug is that there should be
something equivalent to a "Bookmarks" Toolbar, even if that is the existing
Personal Toolbar used as such.

As per MPT's original reasoning for bug 48820, the following remain (quoted):

1. It would help prevent the problem that users need to insert commonly-used
bookmarks twice -- once in the Personal Toolbar folder, and once in its
'logical' position (e.g. in the same folder as other bookmarks on the same topic).

2. By implicitly encouraging users to put their most-used bookmarks and bookmark
    folders at the beginning of their bookmarks list, it would serve to improve
users' bookmark organization, and therefore make their bookmark access quicker

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16 years ago
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Forgot to confirm.
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15 years ago
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No comment in 5½ years.

SeaMonkey trunk GUI is acquiring new backends. This might be easier to solve when (and if) both "Places" bookmarks and Customizable Toolbars get ported to Sm.

Adding a few CC which might be more closely involved than me with this revamp. Of course, guys, feel free to un-Cc yourselves if you don't want to follow this bug.
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9 years ago
No longer depends on: 15144

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5 years ago
With presence of Most Visited folder in Bookmarks Toolbar and discussion about bookmarks links/aliases in Bug 34059 I think this bug became obsolete now, any other opinions?
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5 years ago
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