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Compare View code optimization


(Tree Management :: Perfherder, defect)



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(Reporter: beatrice.acasandrei, Unassigned)


Compare view code needs to be optimized. There are cases when a lot of data is coming from the backend. This data is further processed on the frontend so that we can display it properly and sometimes this process takes a lot of time and the page is hanging / lagging.

Related bug:
Reproduction: Going to and selecting "browsertime" in the dropdown will make two calls to the backend, each call will get 52668 objects which we process and filter on the frontend side these objects.

Beatrice investigated this issue and it seems like we will need to optimize the backend response to not have to process so much data in particular cases. Sarah, can we have a sync to talk about this?

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Sure, this week is a busy (and I'm off on Friday) so perhaps we could meet on Monday 1/17 after the gcp meeting?

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Monday after the gcp meeting is fine for me

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