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The pocket icon looks a bit small compared to Download and other icons


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This report was from @beurdouche as part of Foxfooding-

The pocket icon looks a bit small compared to the download one, would it make sense to make pocket slightly bigger? See screenshot.

There was additional context provided by @tais and @sfoster in the thread but there is value in capturing it in a bug.

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Thank you so much for raising this issue here and bringing it to my team's attention.

I took a look at this component in different scenarios and while for sure in this scenario is looks the Pocket icon is small, that doesn't seem true in the other scenarios I run - screenshot below. The download icon is temporary (it lasts seconds while users download things) and for some reason it is bigger than the average icon. My fear in increasing the Pocket icon for this specific case is that will make all the other scenarios in which it exists unbalanced (including the initial state when users didn't have the chance to customize anything yet). The screenshot of the analysis is below, hope it helps.

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