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Remove the "remote.enabled" preference


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Currently the availability of the Remote Agent is being controlled via the remote.enabled preference. And only with this preference set to true the command line argument --remote-debugging-port will be available, which initializes the Remote Agent and makes it available within Gecko.

Given that we are basically out of the experimental phase for CDP and no longer restrict the Remote Agent to Firefox Nightly only, there seems to be no reason to actually keep this preference around.

Seeing the pref gone will also help me with combining the build flags for Marionette and Remote Agent over on bug 1695031. Then both Marionette and Remote Agent will show the same behavior and can be started via the command line arguments.

Instances of this preference can be found here:

Freddy, mind having a look at comment 0? Do you see any kind of security implication when we are going to remove the preference and make the Remote Agent always available via the command line argument. This would be inline with Marionette, and we soon will require it for the WebDriver BiDi implementation. Thanks.

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Given that you already (and will continue to) require a command line parameter to be present for it to be enabled, I don't see any obvious risks.

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[remote] Remove remote.enabled preference. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,Gijs,jdescottes
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