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16 years ago
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16 years ago
In MSIE you should change character coding of saved page in Save Page as.
Several ex-msie users are missing this feature in Mozilla.

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16 years ago
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screenshot of MSIE save as dialog
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15 years ago
Exactly. With html pages, there usually is a meta tag, which specifies the
charset. But it is especially anoying when saving as plain text, where the
charset is undefined. I used it in Firefox and it chooses OS default charset,
which seems to be UTF-8 under w2k. And not everybody can use that. Even plain
notepad allows changing of encoding.

What about trying the 'XP Apps: GUI Features' component?

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15 years ago
the problem is that extending the file picker in a cross platform way is _hard_.

i think that the solution i'd suggest is making the file picker api support
charset and have it degrade to tossing up a dialog before or after you pick the
file. this is akin to composer's save as and change encoding.
Assignee: law → file-handling
QA Contact: chrispetersen → ian

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15 years ago
I understand. But it must be done in an unobtrusive way, so that it doesn't
double the number of confirmations users will have to do. If there would be a
new dialog for the charset it should probably be after the native 'save as'
dialog (which can  also be cancelled). It could be shown only if the target
format is plain text.

But the best would be if we could join the 2 dialogs to show them together. Can
Moz dock (or snap together) 2 windows? Something like winamp or movie players do.
We could popup the file picker window and just underneath the charset dialog so
that they look like connected. The confirmation of the file picker would also
close the charset window.

Comment 6

15 years ago
Huh? I thought the idea was to save HTML in a different encoding...

Anyway, you can't dock modal dialogs.

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15 years ago
Yes, HTML could use this too :)
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2 years ago
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