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audit super search fields


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As part of taming the processed crash beast, we should do an audit of super search fields and remove things from that we aren't using.

  • fields that are obsolete
  • fields that have been replaced by other fields
  • fields that aren't used for search or aggregations
Depends on: 1712055

We no longer index any fields where storage_mapping is None, so we should remove all of these.

There are a few where the description field shows up in the UI:

  • json_dump
  • submitted_timestamp
  • telemetry_environment

I think json_dump and telemetry_environment have their own tabs, so I don't think they show up in the UI in a way that uses the description field. submitted_timestamp does, though. I'll add a note to that field and remove the other two.

I'm going to do a pass where I remove most of them except submitted_timestamp.

Note that removing these fields doesn't change what's in the index, what's searchable, and what results are returned. These fields are presently just cruft.


Gabriele says we're done with all things flash, so we can remove support for flash annotations and processed crash fields.

Bumping bugs off my queue because I'm not going to get to them any time soon.

Assignee: willkg → nobody

Some related work has been done recently:

Bug #1754874 covered removing unused fields that are sourced from the raw crash from supersearch fields. We added a crash_report_keys item and I could use that to figure out how many crash reports had annotations in the raw crash. Then I removed the items from supersearch fields where we weren't getting data anymore.

Bug #1753521 covers changing supersearch fields that are sourced from the raw crash to instead use normalized/validated data from the processed crash. That will improve supersearch data and let us remove some of the normalization/validation code from the indexing code.

I think the next step to do here is to remove anything that's related to flash.

Bug #1787933 covered removing things flash-related.

I think we're all done here.

Closed: 2 months ago
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