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Steps to reproduce:

Tried to build seamonkey- using the instructions at BLFS,

Actual results:

With gcc-11.1.0 and nss-3.65 the build fell over in IDBTransaction.h at the CLEANUP enum:
/scratch/working/seamonkey- At global scope:
/scratch/working/seamonkey- error: expected identifier before '(' token
| ^~~~~~~

Today, someone who is still using gcc-10.2.0 reported a similar error:

In file included from /home/pro/rpmbuild/BUILD/seamonkey-
/home/pro/rpmbuild/BUILD/seamonkey- error: use of undeclared identifier 'cleanup'
mMode == CLEANUP ||
/usr/include/nss/pk11hpke.h:13:5: note: expanded from macro 'CLEANUP'
He was able to identify that nss was involved, and fixed this by downgrading nss to 3.64. Doing that also fixed my build with gcc-11.1.0.

Not sure whether seamonkey or nss is the problem, but since only seamonkey seems to be affected I'll start here.

Expected results:

Successful compilation

The specific cause is nss-3.65/nss/lib/pk11wrap/pk11hpke.h which has

#define CLEANUP
PORT_Assert(rv == SECSuccess);

SeaMonkey uses the latest nspr and nss esr 78 versions. Building with later versions might fail as you found out. I suggest not using the system nss and nspr versions with it. Official support for later nss and nspr versions will only be implemented when ESR 91 appears.

OK, thanks.

Closed: 2 months ago
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We can keep the bug open if you want. ESR91 is around the corner and we need to fix this for sure later.

If you want to reopen it, feel free. I figured ESR91 is not going to arrive until early August so at this point it is still "months away" and anything could happen in that timeframe.

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