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Week view headers and days in opposite order in right to left locales


(Calendar :: Calendar Frontend, defect)

Thunderbird 90


(thunderbird_esr91 wontfix)

96 Branch
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thunderbird_esr91 --- wontfix


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(Whiteboard: [fixed by bug 1713130])

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create an event on the first day of the week: Monday.
  2. Change locale to right-to-left (using bidi for the preference intl.l10n.pseudo).
  3. Open the Calendar Week view.


The "Monday" header appears on the right hand side, but the created event appears on the left hand side, under the "Sunday" header. Similarly, an event for Tuesday appears under the "Saturday" header, etc.


Both the cells and headers should be organised right-to-left (same as in the multiweek or month views), such that the event appears on the right hand side under the "Monday" header.

Depends on: 1713130
No longer depends on: 1713130
Depends on: 1738689
Depends on: 1713130
No longer depends on: 1738689

(In reply to Magnus Melin [:mkmelin] from comment #1)

It seems a bit unclear what is correct. and
Apparently, calendar should many times still display as LTR.

Maybe we should have a preference if there are users that would prefer left-to-right or right-to-left for their calendars. I'm not sure if your links really apply to the day and week views, it seems the month view is more relevant.

In any case, right-to-left should be supported, and both your links mention that RTL is used, e.g. from the second link

if it is in Arabic, the calendar flips and is displayed RTL. Sometimes the calendar will be in Arabic but still use “English” numbers. In those cases the calendar is still RTL.

Currently, the calendar week and day views assumes LTR (without enforcing it), which causes bugs in RTL (in more ways than the one listed here). The changes I'm making to the views in bug 1713130 work for both right-to-left and left-to-right, so this'll be fixed.

Fixed by (bug 1713130).

Working on that bug, there were several places where LTR was assumed. So I don't think there's a quick way to get RTL to work in esr91.

And there are several other patches in bug 1713130 that would need to be uplifted to get the fixes implemented there.

So maybe the best fix for esr91 would be to just force the assumed direction: ltr; on the week and day views?

Closed: 10 months ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED

Let's not bother with 91. (rtl is not really usable in Thunderbird at all, AFAIK.)

Whiteboard: [fixed by bug 1713130]
Target Milestone: --- → 96 Branch
See Also: → 1761902
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