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MessageHandler: Support chrome window contexts


(Remote Protocol :: WebDriver BiDi, task, P3)



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Add support for chrome window contexts. This is currently not handled in the prototype stack.

Even for such parent process contexts, a dedicated CommandsHandler should be created for the target chrome window context.
We might reuse the same transport class as the one created for Bug 1713439 or come up with a dedicated one.

Whiteboard: [bidi-m1-mvp]
Points: --- → 8
Priority: -- → P3
Summary: CommandsHandler: Support chrome window contexts → MessageHandler: Support chrome window contexts
Blocks: 1722679

As a proof of concept based on the current MessageHandler patches, the following patch allows to capture log events emitted from a chrome window.

It does two things:

  • relaxes the filtering performed in the FrameTransport in order to also accept parent process browsing contexts
  • adds the includeChrome flag to the MessageHandlerFrameActor definition

With this, the following manual test should work:

  • start firefox with --remote-debugging-port
  • direct connect to BiDi with a websocket client
  • create a session
  • send a session.subscribe command for ['log.entryAdded']
  • open the BrowserToolbox
  • run gBrowser.ownerGlobal.console.log("TEST") (gBrowser.ownerGlobal points to the Chrome window)
  • you should receive an entryAdded event
Whiteboard: [bidi-m1-mvp] → [bidi-m2-mvp]
Priority: P3 → --
Priority: -- → P3
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