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Remove dead migration code for mousewheel animation speed


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Bug 1660933 added some code to gradually migrate users from old values of mousewheel animation prefs to new values. That migration completed in FF 86, and so the code for it can now be removed. Filing this bug to track the removal.

This is essentially dead-code removal. Since the GetNormalizedAppVersion()
now always returns 86, the value of the migration variable in
GetMouseWheelAnimationDurations() is always 100. And thus the function
always returns the unmodified minMS and maxMS values stored in the prefs.
We can therefore remove the function entirely and just use the pref
values directly in the callers.

Depends on D116321

With the migration completed, we don't need to keep this pref
around anymore. The profile migration code used to set the pref
value to 0 but since FF 86 the value of the pref didn't matter
as the code would always clamp it to 100. So for consistency
we eliminate that setting of the pref as well.

Depends on D116322

Pushed by
Remove code for completed migration. r=hiro
Remove unused migrationPercent pref. r=botond
Closed: 3 years ago
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