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Tests skipped in 'browser/extensions/formautofill/test/browser/browser.ini' for new Fission platform triage


(Toolkit :: Form Autofill, task)




Fission Milestone M7a
Tracking Status
firefox-esr78 --- disabled
firefox89 --- disabled
firefox90 --- disabled
firefox91 --- fixed


(Reporter: ahal, Unassigned)



The following tests were disabled in browser/extensions/formautofill/test/browser/browser.ini due to new Fission platform triage:

Full diff:

diff --git a/browser/extensions/formautofill/test/browser/browser.ini b/browser/extensions/formautofill/test/browser/browser.ini
--- a/browser/extensions/formautofill/test/browser/browser.ini
+++ b/browser/extensions/formautofill/test/browser/browser.ini
@@ -21,12 +21,13 @@ skip-if = verify || (!debug && os == "ma
 skip-if = verify || (!debug && os == "mac") # perma-fail see Bug 1600059
 skip-if = !debug && os == "mac" # perma-fail see Bug 1600059
 skip-if =
   !debug && os == "mac" # perma-fail see Bug 1600059
   os == 'linux' && (debug || asan || tsan) #Bug 1701078
   os == 'win' && bits == 64 && asan #Bug 1701078
+  fission && os == "mac" && debug  # New platform triage
 skip-if = !debug && os == "mac" # perma-fail see Bug 1600059
 skip-if = true # bug 1426981 # Bug 1445538

See the following try push for failures:

To run these failures in your own try push, first revert the skip-if
annotations, then run:

$ ./mach try fuzzy --rebuild 3 browser/extensions/formautofill/test/browser/browser.ini

Then use the fuzzy interface to select the task(s) which are relevant to the
removed skip-if expression(s). Please note the failure may be intermittent
and/or been fixed since the triage took place.

We need to determine whether this browser-chrome test failure should block shipping Fission. Tracking for Fission Milestone M7a for the initial audit. Then we can decide whether to move this bug to Fission M8 or post-MVP (Fission Future).

Here is a recent Try run for Fission browser-chrome:

Blocks: 1694824
Fission Milestone: --- → M7a

This test failure appears to be very flakey already based on the other situations it's skipped in. ni? Neil as this does seem to be a test specifically written to test Fission.

Flags: needinfo?(enndeakin)

Hopefully the patch in bug 1600059, which landed today,will help here.

Flags: needinfo?(enndeakin)
Depends on: 1600059

Neil, is this ok to be re-enabled now? Can you do it, please?

Flags: needinfo?(enndeakin)

We could probably re-enable browser_remoteiframe.js. This failure bug for this is bug 1701078 which I think is fixed now.

Flags: needinfo?(enndeakin)
Depends on: 1701078

Re-enabled in bug 1701078.

Closed: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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