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Proton has excessive whitespace between menu bar and tabs


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Firefox 89




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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Update to Firefox 89 coming from Firefox 88 with the menu bar setting enabled and normal density.
  2. Balk at the excessive amount of screen real-estate taken by the browser chrome.

Actual results:

When the menu bar is enabled, the amount of vertical space taken by the Proton UI is ... excessive to say the least. (A less polite and more candid statement would be that I find it pants-on-head ridiculous.)

I had to dig through about:config to force the compact mode option to be be brought back ('unsupported' -- nice touch to dissuade users from using it. Real classy that...) That at least slims everything down to juu-----st slightly taller than the browser chrome was pre-Proton.

This comes at a a rather excessive hit to esthetics for the address bar; which is probably too compact in compact mode, but I'm willing to pay that price if I have to. (Happy the stupid expand-on-focus behavior is finally gone again in Proton at least.)

What I do note, apart from the tabs still taking a lot of vertical space, even in compact mode, is that there is a rather large amount of unneeded white-space between the tabs and the menu-bar.

There are approx. 12px of open wasted space there, counting from the bottom of the menu item to the top of the tabs.

Expected results:

That space between menu bar and tabs should be reduced to a similar value as is between the address bar and the tabs: a comfy 3~4px.

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Whiteboard: [proton-tabs-bar]

Firefox Support Forum has complaints.

I am also adding my name to this issue.

On the 'Menu Bar' all menu items are correct and normal.
However, All drop down menu items from 'Menu Bar' have a large font and excessive space between menu list items.
In my eg: Bookmarks, it is forcing extra clicking and scrolling when it is not required nor needed.

This problem is also seen in the 'Menu app icon' (3 horizonatal lines).

This is desperate for a fix as this design problem is not helping RSD issues and very quickly becomes a real annoyance.

It seems to be 'proton' problem - to fix issue with excessive space in menu items.

Current workaround:

  1. Open a tab and enter about:config, click OK after the warning
  2. search proton, a few will come up, change all the ones that are true to false. One was already false so I kept it, and the last one had a 3, which I kept.
  3. Exit and open FF.
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