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Copy and Paste Freeze UI on Wayland


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Using Firefox on Wayland the entire browser freezes for a couple of seconds when copying or pasting a large amount of data (such as an image).

Firefox should not lock up the UI in this scenario. Additionally a couple of seconds is extraordinarily long for 6MiB of image. (Although there may be some re-compression going on.

Ideally no tab would freeze, however definitely it shouldn't be the entire browser. Sometimes the system "this application is not responding" dialog pops up.

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Can you try latest nightly with async clipboard enabled (

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I tested nightly with async clipboard and the browser no longer locks up on paste 🎉

It still takes a long time to paste (roughly the same as stable) but at least the browser doesn't lock up. So I think we can consider this done.

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Can you please use firefox profiler ( to get performance data while long paste?

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It looks like a lot of the time is spent in LZ4 which I guess is because the source image is a JPEG and Firefox always copies PNG to the clipboard.

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I see. Yes, Firefox puts more than one image format to clipboard, I see:


I wonder if it's possible to disable such image conversions and just paste what we have.

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