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Add 'Value Proposition' field to Root Inclusion Case pages


(NSS :: Common CA Database, task, P2)


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(Reporter: kwilson, Unassigned)


(Whiteboard: [ccadb-enhancement])

CAs request root inclusion for three scenarios:

  1. Replace a root certificate that is currently in the root store.
  2. Add a new root certificate for a CA who currently has certificates in the root store.
  3. A CA who is not currently part of the root store wants to join.
    New CAs must provide justification as to how the benefit of adding them to the root store is worth the risk of adding them.
    Mozilla has created a wiki page about the information that new CAs should provide to justify their benefit to the web PKI:

In order to track that this information has been provided and reviewed, please add a new field called 'Value Proposition' to the bottom of the 'Other CA Information' section on the Root Inclusion Case page.

Value Proposition -- text field, max 2500 characters; Help Text: If longer than 400 words, provide link to a PDF document.
Default text: "NEED: If your CA is new to the root store, explain the value that your CA brings to the web PKI. For more information see"

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