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Arabic ligatures not displaying correctly


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Steps to reproduce:

Open attached HTML file.

Actual results:

Number ligatures aren't formed correctly, digits are in the wrong order.

Expected results:

Number ligatures are displayed correctly. Numerals from 1 to 286 displayed as exactly 286 glyphs.

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Does this alsp happen with any other font which does not limit the horizontal space for a number?

Or in different words: How does this weird font deal with a number which consists of fourteen digits? Does Safari still display that number correctly?

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Attached image safari-14digits.png

The 14 digits ١٢٣٤٥٦٧٨٩٠١٢٣٤ (12345678901234) in Safari. It correctly groups the numbers by the longest possible ligature (in this font the largest number with a ligature is 286). Firefox seems to reverse the numbers, displaying them as (١)(٣٢)(٥٤)(٧٦)(٩٨)(٢١٠)(٤٣) which reads as 13254769821043.

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This is related to directionality and how OpenType rules are applied, but I haven't examined it deeply enough to figure out whether the font is at fault, or harfbuzz, or firefox.... there are several levels of complication involved here, because of how digits appear in "reversed" order compared to the default ordering of Arabic script.

(Applying unicode-bidi: bidi-override to the content makes Firefox show the "expected" result, but whether that's correct behavior per spec or a workaround for broken behavior is not yet clear to me.)

FWIW, Chrome shows the same behavior as Firefox here -- unsurprisingly, as they both use harfbuzz to handle the font shaping. (That still doesn't confirm which behavior is more correct, though.)

The underlying issue here is There may not be much we can do about it until a solution is devised within harfbuzz.

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As a workaround for now, I think we can special-case numeric runs in Arabic (or Hebrew) script contexts, and tell harfbuzz to shape with RTL directionality even though the run was resolved as LTR by bidi processing. This will allow the OpenType rules to work as expected for digits, as they will process the glyphs in logical order rather than considering them as "reversed" from the script's native direction.

With this, numbers in the UthmanicHafs1 font shape as expected.

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Shape numeric runs in Arabic or Hebrew with RTL buffer directionality, so that OpenType rules will process glyphs in logical order. r=lsalzman
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OK, we need to be a bit more conservative about where this "hack" gets applied: if there are mirror-able characters (such as brackets) as part of the text being shaped, we mustn't flip the shaping directionality because this would unexpectedly switch their rendering.

In principle this could probably be done more narrowly within harfbuzz itself (potentially separating the directionality-for-OpenType-lookup-processing from the directionality-for-mirroring-purposes), but for now we can just check for mirrored chars and disable the tweak for such runs.

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Shape numeric runs in Arabic or Hebrew with RTL buffer directionality, so that OpenType rules will process glyphs in logical order. r=lsalzman
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