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box-shadow does not draw correctly on inline-box broken into several lines with webrender


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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open
  2. See the example of box-decoration-break: slice;

Expected result:
The box-shadow is "cut-off" at the inline start or end side if the inline-box is broken into multiple line. The expected rendering is shown further down in the MDN article. Direct link:

Actual result:
The box shadow is extended at the inline start or end side of the inline box. See the attached screenshot. Note: Enabling gfx.webrender.force-disabled yields the expected result.

See Also: → 1715888

FWIW, if taking the screenshot of the MDN page in comment 0 by right clicking and choosing "Take screenshot", the screenshot is actually shown the expected result.

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Blocks: wr-correctness
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Priority: -- → P3
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