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FF89 freezes after opening too many media tabs


(Core :: Graphics: WebRender, defect, P3)

Firefox 89





(Reporter: tommy.asd, Unassigned)


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Steps to reproduce:

It's happennig regularly after v89 update, at the moment with Firefox 89.0.1 64bit, (Arch Linux package from official extra repository).
I have a regular ff window open.
I open a private browsing window: in this window i start to open media-filled tabs (think tiktok, but not limited to it).
As the number of tab grows, it reaches a point when changing tab both windows freeze.

Actual results:

Both the regular and the private windows freeze; private window still displays the correct window title when changing tabs with ctrl+pg up or down, but the content displayed is freezed. Audio keeps going.
Regular window instead is just frozen, does not respond to shortcuts.
System resources spike when frozen (and just after the freeze, not before). Honestly i'm not sure if it's ram or cpu, probably the latter 'cause the fans start getting noisy.
I got a crash report triggered with this trick:

Expected results:

I expect it, well, not to freeze.

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Component: Untriaged → Audio/Video: Playback
Product: Firefox → Core

Another freeze, this time with just one tab in the private window (a jitsi video conference instance).
Crashed while changing tab in the main window.

Component: Audio/Video: Playback → Graphics: WebRender

(In reply to Jeff Muizelaar [:jrmuizel] from comment #3)

Can you try both of these builds and see if you see freezes in them?

I'm trying the first one right now and seems to be working fine, without freezing.
I'll report back again and let you know about the second build.

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Severity: -- → S3
Priority: -- → P3

This has been fixed, i haven't experienced this kind of crashes in a while.

Closed: 4 months ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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