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English text in Compact folder dialog box should be clarified


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Steps to reproduce:

I initiated a compact folder action to be able to read the text

Actual results:

The text reads:
„The messages you have deleted can be purged from disk. This operation will save about 208 MB of disk space. Select the option below to let Thunderbird do this automatically without asking you.
<Checkbox>: Remove message deletions automatically and do not ask me“

Expected results:

My suggestion to improve the English text would be:

„The messages you have deleted can be purged from disk. This operation will save about 208 MB of disk space. Note that this process does not delete any messages from folders. It is recommended you allow this since compacting is a normal and necessary maintenance process. If you check the box below before you proceed, Thunderbird will do this automatically in the future and not ask again.”

And the text for the check box should read:
“Do this automatically in the future and don’t ask again”

Details as to the process can be found here:

I think that a little bit of this information should be conveyed to the user (as does my above suggested text).

I can say from experience that users I have been helping with Thunderbird have always skipped the recommendation to execute a "Compact folder" operation because of fear to delete messages. I can be hard work to convince them their messages are not in danger, and that they can, an should, do this "Compact folder" operation when offered.

Thank you Harry for your worthwhile feedback. We've had some similar sentiments already, collected in bug 1678856.

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Thanks Harry. I hope bug 1678856 comment 49 is a step to get us there. I have borrowed some of your wording.

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