Open Bug 1717933 Opened 11 months ago

Handle Root Inclusion Root Case deletions and denials better


(NSS :: Common CA Database, task, P4)


(Not tracked)


(Reporter: kwilson, Unassigned)


(Whiteboard: [ccadb-enhancement])

In the Telia Root Inclusion Case, one root case was fully verified and the other two root cases were to be deleted. We should have been able to just use the 'Add/Update Root Cases' button to unselect the audits for those two roots, because the 'Applicable Audits Verified?' field was set to 'Not Verified' for them. However, I’m guessing that the code only checks that field for the first Root Case, and applies its value across all of them.
See related email on February 22, called ‘Re: Telia - Changing inclusion status to "In Detailed CP/CPS Review"’

Also, the Sync program should not show a sync page for denied or withdrawn Root Cases.

Additionally, in the 'Print Bug Text', 'Print NEED Fields', and 'Sync' buttons, don’t include/count Root Cases that have been withdrawn or denied
The 'Print View' button already seems to exclude root cases that have been withdrawn or denied, so maybe just need to copy that logic?

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