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Page does not load featured video with ETP set to STRICT at


(Core :: Privacy: Anti-Tracking, defect, P3)

Firefox 91



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firefox91 --- affected


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Operating system: Android 11
Firefox version: :Firefox Nightly 91.0a1 (2015818251-🦎91.0a1-20210623095324🦎)

Clean profile

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Navigate to :
  2. Scroll the page
  3. Observe the ""Featured video"" section

Expected Behavior:
The video can be played

Actual Behavior:
An empty place holder is present


  • Not reproducible with ETP set so STANDARD
  • Works as expected using Chrome
Severity: -- → S3

I see videos in "advertisement" boxes and some TikTok videos which don't work even if ETP is disabled or in Chrome ("video currently unavailable"). Another ad also begins playing in a floating box after a while.

@Raul, which video are you talking about here that is the "Featured" one? If it's the TikTok ones, as the article implies, then I'm not sure what we can do here. Is there another link on the site with broken videos that are still available?

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@Tom, there was a tik tok video that had a thumbnail picture, but now it seems that the video is no longer available. If it helps, the picture message that says the video is no longer available is broken with ETP set to STRICT, but is shown as expected with ETP set to STANDARD.

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Interesting. I don't see any real major difference between Chrome and Firefox standard/strict/private in responsive design mode. In strict mode, there is just one ad not appearing, and thus leaving a big empty space where it should be. Otherwise, I still see the "video unavailable" frame, and the page looks basically the same to me.

However, in private mode on an actual phone there is more breakage. I wonder if some of my patches for SmartBlock (which haven't landed yet on Fenix nightlies) may have inadvertently fixed this, since they do impact shims that the page will run. Let's revisit this in Firefox 103/104 to see if the shim fixes did indeed improve the situation here.

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