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Update pdf.js to version 2.10.263


(Firefox :: PDF Viewer, task)

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firefox91 --- fixed


(Reporter: bdahl, Assigned: bdahl)


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#13600 Take the position of the selected element into account when scrolling matches (issue 13596)
#13628 Check that TrueType (3, 0) cmap tables, for symbolic fonts, are sorted correctly (issue 13626)
#13637 Update packages and translations
#13638 A couple of smaller JSDocs tweaks in src/display/api.js
#13642 XFA - Remove quotes of font name in xhtml
#13639 XFA - Replace deprecated break element (bug 1718053)
#13635 XFA - Fix width of a container with lr-tb layout (bug 1718037)
#13641 XFA - Implement aspect property on image element
#13644 XFA - Support non-embedded fonts without a Widths entry
#13645 XFA - Choice list has no selected value by default (bug 1718241)
#13616 Add PDFs from #1773 to the reftests
#13640 Add non-PRODUCTION/TESTING overflow asserts to various string helper-functions (issue 6759)
#13648 XFA - Don't fill when the fill element is not visible (bug 1718735)
#13598 XFA - Remove empty pages
#13657 Replace instanceof Object with typeof checks
#13658 Don't attempt to structure clone unsupported types with workers disabled
#13664 Remove the version field from the package.json file
#13661 [api-minor] Support accessing both the original and modified PDF fingerprint
#13662 XFA - Don't use system font when a font is not embeded but there is a substitution
#13666 Enable the ESLint operator-assignment rule
#13654 XFA - An image can be a stream in the pdf (bug 1718521)
#13672 Revert "XFA - An image can be a stream in the pdf (bug 1718521)"
#13653 XFA - Improve text layout
#13665 XFA - Fix indentation for justified paragraph
#13673 XFA - An image can be a stream in the pdf (bug 1718521)
#13675 [test/driver.js] Ensure that Image src is set after the callbacks in resolveImages
#13680 XFA - Layout correctly a subform with row layout (bug 1718740)
#13684 XFA - Default background in rectangle is white

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Update pdf.js to version 2.10.263 r=pdfjs-reviewers,marco
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Regressions: 1719629
Regressions: 1721589
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