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Can't add a TLS exception for IRC server


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Workaround is to add an override via about:config, should include 6697 (if the pref does not exist it needs to be created as a string).


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Steps to reproduce:

Try connecting to an IRC server which has a certificate whose Common Name(s) do(es)n't match the domain name of your IRC server. You can use port 6697 as a testcase. Then add an exception

Actual results:

The "Add Security Exception" window returns a No Information Available error.

Expected results:

Should be able to proceed with adding an exception.

Depends on: 1720879

The issue is that Gecko, as default, blocks port 6697 see:
so unless you add an entry for 6697 into via about:config the certificate cannot be retrieved.

There is the same issue for certificate exceptions for mailnews, see bug 1694023

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See Also: → 1694023
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