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upgrade hgmo to Mercurial 5.9


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We should implement, test and deploy a hook to protect against the repository corruption issue identified in Mercurial 5.8, reported in bug 1720302 in BMO and upstream Mercurial issue 6528.

Mercurial 5.9rc1 includes some code to fix any instance of this repo corruption on the fly during push/pull. Once that candidate is promoted to an official release 5.9 we should upgrade hgmo to the latest Mercurial to avoid upstream issue 6528. The on-the-fly fixing is controlled by a config knob that is on by default. Morphing this bug into an hg version upgrade bug.

Summary: deploy a hook to protect against Mercurial 5.8 repository corruption → upgrade hgmo to Mercurial 5.9
Assignee: nobody → sheehan

Use the newer functions in utils.urlutil instead of ui.expandpath
in firefoxtree, making it compatible with Mercurial 5.9. Also mark
the extension as compatible with the latest version.

Depends on D123468

The rebase extension changed how some of it's output is
formatted to the screen when a tag is present on a rebased
revision. Update the tests to reflect this and mark a few
extensions as compatible with Mercurial 5.9 as a result.

Depends on D123469

These extensions require no changes for 5.9 compatibility.

Depends on D123472

Some logging output has changed since Mercurial 5.5.1 in the
hooks framework.

Depends on D123474

This is removed in newer versions of Mercurial.

Depends on D123478

Updates Mercurial to version 5.9 in all virtualenvs on hgweb.
This changeset should be deployed first in an incremental
fashion to all hgweb hosts.

Depends on D123483

This changeset should be deployed after upgrading hgweb to Mercurial

Depends on D123484

Pushed by
testing: install Mercurial 5.9 in test environment r=zeid
firefoxtree: use utils.urlutil functions instead of ui.expandpath r=zeid
hgext: update rebase extension output r=zeid
hgext: mark some extensions as compatible with Mercurial 5.9 r=zeid
hghooks: update logging output in hooks tests r=zeid
testing: remove exclamation mark from test output r=zeid

Closed: 1 year ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Pushed by
hgweb: update Mercurial to 5.9 r=zeid
hgssh: update Mercurial to 5.9 in all virtualenvs r=zeid
See Also: → 1728194
Pushed by
testing: install Mercurial 5.9.1 in test suite
hgtemplates: update hg version in `test-template-sync.t` and fix templates
ansible/hg-web: upgrade Mercurial to 5.9.1
ansible/hg-ssh: upgrade Mercurial to 5.9.1
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