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firefox saves temporary downloads to a location sandboxed snap and flatpaks can't use


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Firefox 91





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Steps to reproduce:

Configure a certain file type to open with an application, and have that app installed on Ubuntu as a snap. Example: configure .deb files to open the the app Software. In Ubuntu, Software is a default app, and it is a snap. It is designed to handle .deb files.

snap apps can not access /tmp due to sandboxing.

Now, download a .deb. After clicking the link, Firefox will propose that you open it in Software, which makes sense. And this the problem occurs.

Actual results:

It fails because the .deb is downloaded to /tmp which is a forbidden location for sandboxed desktop apps (I don't know why, but it is a reality of the modern Linux desktop).

Expected results:

The problem also happens with flatpaks. For example, LibreOffice. Allowing the sandboxed apps to see /tmp is not going to happen.

The location of temporary downloads in Firefox should be configurable. I tried launching firefox with

env TMPDIR=/home/tim/tmp_firefox firefox

but this made no difference.

This is a right nuisance since Firefox is the default browser on Ubuntu, and Software is the default software app. I am not sure if this is a defect or an enhancement report.

Why is firefox ignoring TMPDIR in the environment?

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