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Don't add interactions if they are part of the adult filter list


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New tab page already has an adult filter list, we want to filter out adult sites from being recorded in interactions as well.

Testing instructions from slack:

Enter the following into any browser console to get a hash for the website of your choice, then add that to the list:

c = Cc[";1"].createInstance(Ci.nsICryptoHash);
text = ""; c.init(c.MD5); c.update(text.split("").map(c => c.charCodeAt(0)), text.length ); c.finish(true);

Once you’ve done that, on your test build profile, add these prefs as Booleans with value true:

  • browser.places.interactions.enabled
  • browser.places.interactions.log

Then restart.

If you now visit the website, you should see logging on the browser console that says interactions for that website were blocked.

You can further check this by visiting chrome://browser/content/places/interactionsViewer.html and selecting “Interactions”, where they shouldn’t be showing up for recent visits (if you visited the site previously, it might still show up, of course).

I think there’s a 10 second write timer on end of interactions and there’s a 10 second timer on a page, so interactions can take a while to show up.

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Don't add interactions if they are part of the adult filter list. r=amy
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