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Menuitem lags in Bookmarks menu


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Firefox 93





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Steps to reproduce:

Attempted to use bookmarks from the Menu bar in Windows 7.

Actual results:

When opening an inner menu from a bookmarks folder that has a substantial number of bookmarks the highlighted menuitem lags the mouse movement. If you move the mouse quickly down the menu it may take a a second or two for the highlighted bookmark to catch up with it.

Expected results:

Tested in Windows 10 and the mouse and highlighted menuitem are synchronized, the problem occurs in Windows 7, classic theme.

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Similar issue Bug 1724617 in Windows10.

Hi, can you post a video or screenshots of the area where it starts to lag ?
Also how many bookmarks do you need in order for the issue to appear?

Does this issue happen with a new profile? Here is a link on how to create a new profile:

Does this issue occur in the latest nightly version of firefox? Here is a link from where you can download it:

Please let us know

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Bug 1724617 from Alice0775 White has a video in the link above. My experience it's doing the same exact thing. Sometimes it's with bookmarks in the very first row of a bookmark folder but more consistently when two or three folders in and it has 15 or more bookmarks.

This behavior I noticed from the very first 93.0 nightly and it is still continuing and with a fresh profile as well. I have not tested it v92.0 but v91esr is not a problem.

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Lets mark as a duplicate of bug 1724617 since they seem to be the same.

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Alice0775, can you explain why this was reopened after being closed as a duplicate? I can't quite make sense of the history on this bug.

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(In reply to Doug Thayer [:dthayer] (he/him) from comment #6)

Alice0775, can you explain why this was reopened after being closed as a duplicate? I can't quite make sense of the history on this bug.

Similarly, bug 1724617 points out that mouse clicks become temporarily unresponsive as well as lag.
The lag is not a recent regression I think.
But the temporary unresponsive is regression from Bug 1722258.

So, I think this is different.

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See Also: 1729756
See Also: 1730362

202nine, in the latest builds are you still seeing the menuitem lag that caused you to log this bug?

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Anyone seeing the lag, it would be great if one could create a performance profile
and share the link which 'upload local profile' button creates.

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With no answer from the reporter, we don’t have enough data to reproduce and/or fix this issue. Please reopen or file a new bug with more information if you see it again.

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