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Percentage flex-basis under-invalidation


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Steps to reproduce:

See attached file. Currently there is a %-height-descendant under-invalidation issue.

If a flex-item in a column flex-box has a %-flex-basis, e.g. "flex: 1 0 100%;" it currently doesn't have a 2nd layout pass if the definiteness changes.

This has a different rendering if there is a sibling which is a %-height-descentant.
(In the example I added "max-height: 1000%;" to a sibling to trigger the 2nd pass, and show the difference).

Actual results:

The two examples don't render the same.

Expected results:

The two examples should render the same.

Just also realized that if you do a dynamic change to remove the "max-height: 1000%" it'll render differently, while the DOM trees are the same.


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Looks like this is a regression. In old builds, the left part of the testcase is tall like the right part of the testcase (and like in Chrome).

Regression range:

--> Probably regression from bug 1492538.

Ever confirmed: true
Regressed by: 1492538
Has Regression Range: --- → yes

Make it easier to spot a flex item is being moved to the final position
rather than going through the final reflow.

Assignee: nobody → aethanyc

If so, dependsOnCBBSize will be set to true, and later in
ReflowInput::InitResizeFlags() we will add
NS_FRAME_CONTAINS_RELATIVE_BSIZE to the appropriate ancestor.

Sorted the #include statements in ReflowInput.cpp because I added

Depends on D123702

Thanks for fixing this, TYLin!

Side note (not of particular importance, just an observation): the WPT test here ( ) isn't currently included in the compat2021 set:
That's presumably just because this test was only added to WPT ~recently, in May[1], vs. the compat2021 "css-flexbox-tests.txt" list was most recently updated before that, in February.

[1] via

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Attachment #9238091 - Attachment description: Bug 1725973 Part 2 - Make flex items with percentage flex-basis in column flex container depend on CB's block-size. r?dholbert → Bug 1725973 Part 2 - Mark flex items with percentage flex-basis in column flex container as depending on CB's block-size. r?dholbert
Pushed by
Part 1 - Add a FLEX_LOG in MoveFlexItemToFinalPosition(). r=dholbert
Part 2 - Mark flex items with percentage flex-basis in column flex container as depending on CB's block-size. r=dholbert
Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → 93 Branch
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Is this something we should consider taking on ESR91?

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Thanks for the ping! This bug is an edge case and I'm not aware of any webcompat report, so it should be fine to let it ride the train.

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I've reproduced this issue on an affected Nightly build (2021-08-16), using the test case from comment 0.

The issue is verified as fixed RC 93.0 (20210927210923) across platforms: Win 11 x64, macOS 11, Ubuntu 18.x64.

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