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Reorder includes in gmp-clearkey


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If we consider clearkey and the psshparser separate projects from one another and gecko will alter include order. For the purpose of this work I'm going to treat them all as one project.

However it makes sense to me to treat nss and the CDM headers as other projects for the purpose of ordering. Both live outside mozilla-central/mozilla-unified.

Reorder includes to match Google C++ style. The follow decisions were made to
resolve ambiguities.

  • The pssh parser and clearkey are considered part of mozilla-central/Gecko and
    so have their includes grouped into the 'your project' includes at the end of
    includes. I.e. they're grouped with other mozilla-central headers.
  • NSS and the CDM headers are considered as coming from other libs, so are
    placed in a block preceding the mozilla-central's.

I think everything else is decided by using the style guide and by Mozilla using
case sensitive sorting.

This also changes a few instances of using "systemheader.h" to <systemheader.h>,
which is more in line with the style guide.

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Reorder includes in ClearKey files. r=alwu
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