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Dragging an address into compose, autocomplete drops as different address


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Thunderbird 91


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Steps to reproduce:

Updated a typo in an email address. - was corrected to: - (There was two "f" characters instead of one)
Note: (For privacy reasons the "XXX" are not the true remaining letters in the email address in question)

Actual results:

In my address book I have corrected a spelling typo in the address for a contact. The address book shows the correct address now, but when I drag the contact to an email to send, the address is the one with the original typo and my email returns as non deliverable..

Expected results:

The corrected address should be put in the address bar, not the one with a typo.

Are you dragging the address from the addressbook window? Or from the contact sidebar of the compose window?

Duplicate bug?

Component: Address Book → Message Compose Window
Flags: needinfo?(brian.thompson859)
Summary: Address book update issue → Dragging an address into compose, autocomplete drops as different address

I am dragging from the address book window. Another funny thing is, even if I delete the contact and re-enter it correctly the program still enters the old misspelled email address.


Flags: needinfo?(brian.thompson859)
Keywords: dupeme
Blocks: tb91found

Wayne is right, I could swear we've seen this before... (apart from the known fact that autocomplete is stubborn)

Woody, can you please try this:

  1. Open Address Book (Ctrl+Shift+B from main window)
  2. Select "All address books" on the left
  3. In the search box (right top), search for ssf
  • How many contacts are found?
  • Check primary and additional email address of all found contacts
Flags: needinfo?(brian.thompson859)
See Also: → 1524076, 1727612

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