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Add automated checks of Subordinate CA Owner names on intermediate certificates


(CA Program :: Common CA Database, task)


(Not tracked)


(Reporter: kathleen.a.wilson, Unassigned)


Automate checking and alerting for when the Subordinate CA Owner in an intermediate certificate does not match the Owner name for its doppelgänger (same Subject + SPKI) certificates.


  • section 4.2.Clerical error: e-tugra vs E-Tugra, Quo Vadis vs QuoVadis
  • section 4.4: "CCADB could add an automated notification or require a sub-CA label when a single SSPKI maps to certificates with multiple CCADB owners."
Whiteboard: [ccadb-enhancement]

Some of the CAs have resolved the items listed above, but this bug is about an enhancement request for the CCADB. So I will keep this bug open until we implement the enhancement request. (will use the examples for testing in Sandbox, even if the CA already resolved their CCADB records)

Product: NSS → CA Program
Priority: P2 → --
Whiteboard: [ccadb-enhancement]
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