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Stop publishing the Snap to the Snap store


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With the transition of the Snap, we need to stop the final step of publishing to the store.

We should keep all the other work.

Per discussions, this was going to happen for 92.

Unfortunately I forgot to file this bug earlier.

Assignee: nobody → aki

This is a full "don't push to the store at all", so we will need to

  1. disable the ability of the pushsnap pool to push to the store pre-92.0 push Tuesday - that's the PR above, to roll out once I get the tests green
  2. delete the release-{,secondary-}snap-push kinds and any transforms etc specific to those kinds
  3. uplift patch from 2 to release trains (do we do esr?)
  4. delete pushsnapscript from scriptworker-scripts, delete pools (k8s-autoscale, taskcluster-cloudops, k8s-sops)
Keywords: leave-open
Attachment #9239260 - Attachment description: GitHub Pull Request → [pushsnapscript] Disable pushing to the store
Attachment #9239288 - Attachment description: delete pushsnapscript → [scriptworker-scripts] delete pushsnapscript

1 is done. 2 is the gecko patch above, which we'll uplift for step 3.
I have 2 of the four delete pushsnapscript patches attached. 3/4 is here; 4/4 is removing the secrets in the k8s sops repo.

(2) is scheduled to Lando.
I'll leave steps 3 and 4 for next week, after the long weekend. Because (1) landed already, the pushsnap task for 92 should be noop.

Pushed by
remove pushsnap tasks. r=releng-reviewers,bhearsum DONTBUILD

Ben is suggesting we leave steps 3 and 4 for a cycle or two, until we know the distro builds are stable.
That sounds like it could be a good idea, especially if backing out the removal is non-trivial.

We got mozilla-beta for free on merge-day yesterday. So unless we do a 92 dot build off a relbranch, we should be clear of pushsnap tasks on all release trains except esr78. I'll reenable the push in the pushsnap pool, then rerun the esr78 pushsnap task.

Current status:

  • I was not able to use the retrigger (decision) action, because of scopes. Perhaps if I went through the TC UI instead of Treeherder? But:
  • I was able to craft a relpro :snowman: graph with just the push snap task on esr78. We should get this task for free for the last esr78 release next month.
  • Once esr78 is EOLed, we can proceed removing the pushsnap pool entirely, but until then let's leave this bug open.
Pushed by
remove pushsnap scopes. r=releng-reviewers,jcristau

I also removed the secrets from our k8s sops repo.

Closed: 1 year ago
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