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Firefox cannot detect Windows 10 theme or dark theme or HCM after updating to version 92.0


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Firefox 91
Windows 10



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Steps to reproduce:

Firefox updated automatically from version 91.0 to 92.0

Actual results:

After Firefox updated to the latest 92.0 version, it could not detect Windows 10 themes or the user's high contrast mode. Dark theme also did not work. Websites would display a white background with dark text rather than a black background with white text. This happened to all websites. Disabling and re-enabling did nothing nor did a fresh re-install of Firefox. I was forced to uninstall Firefox and install version 91.0 in order to use high contrast mode (black background, white text).

Expected results:

After updating to the latest version, Firefox should've been able to detect Windows 10 themes and high contrast mode. It should also have been able to detect it's own dark theme. It should've been able to display websites in a dark background with white text. Unfortunately, it did not do that after the update.

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Hallo Mozilla!
Warum ist im Firefox 92 (Windows 10, DarkModus!) mit dem aktivierten Adon Dunkel(!) die Tabseiten(!!) hell ???
Im gegensatz zu Ff.91.02 ! Bin sehbehindert und kann nur mit dem totalen DarkModus arbeiten !
73 u. 55
DD1ER Hans

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Google translate says:

Hello Mozilla!
Why is the tab pages (!!) light in Firefox 92 (Windows 10, DarkModus!) With the activated Adon dark (!) ???
In contrast to Ff. 91.02! I am visually impaired and can only work with the total dark mode!
73 and 55
DD1ER Hans

I don't think I can help with this question.

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I was able to replicate this on windows 10 64bit

Reproduced on Firefox:
92 release
93.b2 beta
94.0a1 nightly

  • Change windows settings to high contrast mode
  • Launch firefox, open a new tab

On Mac 10.15 & Ubuntu 20: If the theme is Dark and high contrast is on, the new tab page looks dark.


Bug 1720012: Respect system colors checkbox independent of HCM r=emilio

changeset: d9e49ce806e73e010d2bbc70260bc4a0696b69b5

Severity: -- → S3
Has Regression Range: --- → yes
Has STR: --- → yes
Ever confirmed: true
Keywords: regression
OS: Unspecified → Windows 10
Regressed by: 1720012
Hardware: Unspecified → Desktop

Is this just the new tab page, or are other ff pages (I'm think about preferences, addons, etc.) also affected?
Can you post some screenshots of the current behaviour?

Also, does the behaviour change if you toggle the Use System Colors checkbox?

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Thanks Pablo, does that behaviour change if you toggle 'use system colors' in the about:preferences colors dialog?

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Attached image usesystem.jpg
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Hi morgan, sorry about not checking that !

with about:preferences > Fonts and Colors > COLORS > Use system colors

it looks dark

(In reply to Pablo from comment #13)

Hi morgan, sorry about not checking that !

with about:preferences > Fonts and Colors > COLORS > Use system colors

it looks dark

gotcha. EDIT: thanks for the screenshot! :)

:hontonidekai :hans you may want to give this a try if you're experiencing issues. You can navigate to this checkbox by going to:
about:preferences > Language and Appearance > Colors > Use System Colors

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Der zweite Text ist nich vpn mir!!! (Betr. Registerkarte). Nur Fehler 1729607 !!
dd1er hans

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Texte löschen !!!


Sorry for the confusion, does your experience change if you enable the checkbox? Or are you experiencing an issue that is different from the one Pablo captured in the screenshots?

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Oops didn't mean to close that, sorry.

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Summary: Firefox cannot detect Windows 10 theme or dark theme after updating to version 92.0 → Firefox cannot detect Windows 10 theme or dark theme or HCM after updating to version 92.0

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