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Refactor the OOM testing framework a little


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Currently the OOM testing framework is implemented by one large function, RunIterativeFailureTest. This could be split up to make it easier to understand.

This adds an IterativeFailureTest class which encompasses the current testing
framework with the testing code in a 'test' method.

This splits the method up into several sub-methods to make it easier to see
what's going on.

Depends on D125400

It's possible to compile OOM testing facilites outside of debug builds with the
--enable-oom-breakpoint flag so the test should work in that case too.

Depends on D125401

Pushed by
Refactor iterative failure test framework into a class r=tcampbell
Split up IterativeFailureTest::test method into separate methods r=tcampbell
Make OOM tests work outside debug builds r=tcampbell
Make ParseIterativeFailureTestParams into a method on IterativeFailureTest r=tcampbell
Remove IterativeFailureTest::Params class and store fields directly in the class r=tcampbell
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